Claiming Lucian (BL)

03: Heart of Gold


As expected, serendipity was within my grasp. Luck decided to pay me a visit right when I thought that this situation could get even worse.

”Your Highness, I advise you to drop Prince Lucians belongings to the ground for your safety and for the prevention of any spark of unnecessary squabble. ” Segreth was standing by the entrance of my room. His hand was holding the hilt of his sword.

Lucius head snapped to the doorway. He glared at the armor-clad male with lilac-colored hair that was tied neatly into a tight coil. His armor was purely ink black with the shoulder pads curved upwards. A black cape pooled down behind him. A tattoo of a purple circle and letterings scribbled inside of it rested on his forehead. In the middle of the circle, his number was engraved as XIII. It indicated his status as one of the men of the Higher-Order.

The Higher-Order and the Queen of Ancients were of equal power. They both could plan and write laws but had to be approved by the King or given the holy validation from the Cauldron of Spirits. This cauldron had been used ever since King Genshis rule one-hundred and fifty years ago. It was said to contain the spirits which aided the ancients ever since our creation. The Higher-Order were the potential kings after King Genshi, but their blood was not chosen for royalty, instead, the Cauldron of Spirits continued with the bloodline of the late king.

”Segreth Wyman…What is a noble doing here in my brothers room? ”

Lucius wasn at all pleased with Segreths face. Usually, people would flock Segreth because he was one of the handsomest men in the kingdom, but Lucius acted like he wanted to peck a huge crater to his face.

”I am not your— ”

”Shush Lucian. I don have time for your bratty and conceited ass that went through a highly conceited law made by conceited assholes like him. ” The criminal cut me off and pointed rudely at Segreth. The latter merely stared impassively at Lucius before replying with:

”I am Prince Lucians mentor after Prelate Iltut Le Lanns passing. ” Segreth informed him.

Luciuss eyes mildly widened in what seemed to be a melancholic expression. He tried to compose himself.

”Iltut died? ”

”He was executed due to unspeakable crimes that I am forbidden to relay, especially to you. ”

Segreth, despite his show of sympathy, seemed to be enjoying being the one to deliver the bad news. This only riled up Lucius into grabbing his neck with one hand and shoving him against the wall.

”Listen up you stupid noble, Iltut was like a father to me and the only sane one in the Higher-Order. I don care what your orders are I have the right to know! ”

Segreth was undeterred by the mans perturbation and stared directly into his eyes.

”Do you really wish to know? ” Segreth asked. ”Do you really wish to know what Iltut did to the prince? Can you really take it? Because even I cannot undo the results of what he has done. ”

Lucius dropped Segreth down to the ground and took a step back.

”What are you saying? ”

”Ochi sto de Scarlet Austarch…This law is still misunderstood by many, especially the Royal Family. This was made by the Cysgod Knight whom the Scarlet King fell in love with. You think King Genshi did us all a favor by preventing its mandatory application but in truth, it was quite the opposite. Iltut twisted the law and did what the Scarlet King could have done to those who would oppose him and unfortunately thats exactly what he did to Prince Lucian. ”

Segreth was speaking nonsense again. Iltut did what he could to help me get rid of these pestering emotions. He did me a favor.

Lucius became rigid. He stormed out, screaming profanities and calling out to my parents. Segreth took a moment to peek at the outraging man before facing me.

”How are you feeling, Your Highness? ” he asked me.

”Nothing. ”

”As usual I see. ” He showed a smile. ”It is alright to express joy. The Order does not forbid you to do so. ”

”I do not know joy and I do not wish to try it. ”

Segreths lips fell into a blank line.

”I see what a shame… ”

”Did I pass your test? ”

”I wasn testing you, ” Segreth replied. ”That was a genuine question. ”

”Is this another test? ” I asked him which only made him sigh.

Segreth was good at giving trials, but I never failed them. I was trained well.

”Our marriage is in three days…I hope your brother does not intervene. ”

Segreth was chosen by the king to be my spouse. The cauldron had picked me as the next ruler and my father thought it would only be wise to pick someone who he trusted from the Higher-Order. He wanted to merge the opposing bodies of sovereignty to finally end the dispute between him and the thirteen bishops.

The cauldron approved of Segreth but also predicted that we would not have an offspring because one of us was ironically impotent.

”He would not dare to— ”

Segreth released a pained and strangled voice, grasping tightly onto his neck and falling to the ground.

”You almost got me there, ” Lucius huffed. ”But then I remembered that the Higher-Order is the reason why the Scarlet Emperor went berserk. ”

Red bumps grew out of his face. My eyes slowly rose to Lucius who was standing by the doorway with a raised arm and an open palm ready to shoot a thorn towards me.

”You were getting married, and I wasn even invited. Im going to have to cancel the wedding plans… ” Lucius released the thorn towards me. My eyesight went away with my consciousness.

This was not how things should go.

”Ce pacat (How unfortunate) … ”

How will I get out of this chaos? I was paralyzed. Vines bound me from my arms down to my legs. I was placed over his shoulder with my legs dangling on his front.

The constant bounces from the rough handling woke me. The first thing I saw was the ippótes chasing us. I briefly thought that this was merely a dream. I was wrong.

I was definitely and undeniably wrong.

”Put me down baka (fool). Do you understand the consequences that you will face after this? ”

How foolish can this man get?

My eyes unwillingly feasted the view before me and the intense environment around us was easily noticed. It was my first time being able to get out of the palace let alone see other ancients residing in the Great Genshi tree.

Everything was very colorful…

Lucius hummed joyfully; his merriness was a grave threat to my emotionless perfection.

”I will show you the world and make you see how beautiful it is compared to your dull and **ed up life. ” There were hundreds of ippótes pursuing us. The only beauty I could see after this was him rotting for his crimes.

The ground trembled beneath us; this rampage was clearly gaining too much audience from every house we passed by.

The sound of the floor crumbling apart occurred from my blind spot. It was difficult for me to perceive what exactly was happening. Lucius leaped and controlled the zephyrs to prevent us from interacting with slanted spikes that would ensure instant death.

My chest was doing something unfavorable.

”Troublesome… ” Lucius sighed, turning around to see the swarm of ippótes getting ready to fly.

My eyes saw the rise of water surrounding the kingdom. The water rose into separate divisions of hovering forms coming towards our direction. Whirls of winds were tossed towards us.

”Sloppy forms, weak execution of elements, and unguarded stances…Hiding did not do any good to your skills as knights, ”

Getting cocky I see.

”Why do you continue to resist? If you want to perish, then do not involve me in your stupid plans. ”

”You think Ill get caught? ” Lucius teased. ”Think again, ” he shouted. He extended his free arm out. The winds carried us in a whirl to face the knights.

The incoming winds and approaching waters were redirected to the soaring ippótes and wiped them out. Lucius carried me into his arms; sparks of electricity cascaded down from his back.

Loud and irregular currents crackled and acted as his cape. The currents attacked the pursuers.

”Feeling excited yet, chii? ”

”I refuse to believe that we are of the same flesh and blood. ”

”¡Rápido no los dejes escapar! (Quickly, don let them escape!) ”

The ippótes desperately struggled to dodge the electric currents that Lucius effortlessly released without even paying much attention. They were struck and left with the essence of electric currents on the ground.

My body trembled. My stomach fluttered. The farther Lucius took me from the palace the more he showed his formidable skills in battle against the hundreds of ippótes chasing us.

Who was this man?

Lucius whistled. The piercing call of the wind broke through the ruckus going around. His lips curled into a wide smile when a four-legged creature emerged with us. Its white feathery wings fluttered. It had two horns in which one was visibly broken.

The armored creature stopped before us. Lucius got on its back. I let out an ”oof! ” From having my bottom receive all the impact as I got dropped in a hurry. I was seated sideways. My whole body began to numb from being wrapped like a cocoon.

A new set of ippótes started to close their distance around us. I was speechless for the first time. I was being taken without a plausible reason and I had no power to struggle for I was never trained to fight.

Fighting brought out anger and pleasure, so I was forbidden to engage in such activity.

Lucius clucked his tongue and shouted:

”Ejam (lets go) Argo! ”

Argo neighed. It darted towards the perfectly carved white doors that were heavily guarded by more ippótes. They were very much aware of the situation now.

”You will lose, I am sure of it. ”

He will get captured and punished by my father and the Higher-Order.

Lucius grinned. ”You still underestimate me little brother? I was a general of our army in the past. ”

That was the past.

”So, you aren a general now? They must have forced you out of the position, ” I deadpanned.

I watched his expression twitch from my statement.

”You are getting on my nerves chii. Have some pride for your brother. ”

”Why should I be proud of you being a general before? Your previous position does not mean that youll win. ”

I just realized how incapable these ippótes were when it came to protecting the ancients. They got single-handedly taken down by this man.

I looked ahead and found that we were closer to the gates. This will be where he will get caught. It was a dead-end for him. The tree can withstand any powerful impact and that was the very reason why we survived all these years.

”Argo, vlastós (shoot). ” It was a silent and confident command.

A blanket of light covered the horn of the creature we were riding on. The small growing light became a beam that stretched towards the doors. The rippling sound was deafening. The doors were blasted into useless debris, showing a wide expanse of green land.

Argo galloped past the doors. Its wings fluttered quickly while we were still on the ground. Once outside, we alighted smoothly. The breeze brought me unexplainable shivers.

”Return me, ” I demanded and showed a disapproving look.

Argo flew higher and higher. My heartbeats kept speeding up. My sides were in loops. My feet and hands became cold as I leaned against Lucius chest.

”Ho-hold me, you idiot! ” I closed my eyes. My teeth rattled.

”Are you scared? ” he laughed.

”Stop being ridiculous! I fe–feel nothing… ” I attempted to be firm, but it came out shaky.

Lucius nuzzled his nose against the dip of my neck and chuckled.

”Your voice is shaky, you liar! This just proves that no one can stay emotionless. You were hidden behind those walls from the eyes of the world; thus, this made you even more fragile than anyone else. I can prove it. ”

Argo stopped at a certain altitude. Cold winds latched to my skin. My ears were infiltrated with whispers of the wind while my eyes were watery from the speed.

”I am–I… ” I kept stuttering.

How could I say it? I didn know how to. How will I express to him what I felt when I didn even know how to describe it?

”You can suppress your emotions. They did not do you a favor when they trained you to become a doll. They didn save you from dying but instead, they prevented you from living. ”

I swayed my head. ”I refuse. I do not accept death. Ill die out here. ”

”Going out here doesn immediately equate to dying and being stuck behind the walls of Genshi doesn equalize living. ”

”Stultus (stupid), this is unnecessary, ” I spoke out.

I was restless. Lucius noticed my fussiness. What could I do out here? How could I survive?

The vines around me unwrapped. My shoulders drooped.

”You have…you have ruined everything. ”

After all these years, after everything I did, my efforts became meaningless. I was chosen to rule. I was to get knotted down but now I was exposed to impurities.

Lucius sealed my waist with his arm and hoisted me against him.

”No, Im just starting to piece you back together. If you end up being conceited after I had committed treason, I will push you off of Argo. ”

My eyes snapped open. I looked at him with wide eyes. Lucius firm expression trembled from my response. The man couldn hold it in any longer. He guffawed.

”Scared you, didn I? Onii was just joking~. ”

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