ying at him through a thicket. He ducked down, and with a loud *Thunk* the object hit the tree behind him.

He lifted his head and what he saw flushed the blood out of his face. In the tree trunk, at the height his chest had been a few seconds prior, there was a longsword impaled in the tree.

Astaroth quickly walked through the thicket it came out and arrived in a glade. In the clearing, a man was fighting a huge black bear.

Huge was probably an understatement at this point. The black bear was the size of a school bus, and it was bleeding all over, its eyes bloodshot.

The man, on his side, was also bleeding quite a lot. He had vicious gashes across his chest, with cuts and bruises all over the rest of his body.

He was holding in his left hand a short dagger. Astaroth quickly guessed that the sword was his and that the dagger was his measly spare weapon.

Astaroth snapped out of his staring and looked at their info. In the bar over the bear, were his name and level.

Same thing for the man. Yet, as Astaroth looked at them, his jaw dropped.

*Giant Black Bear*

Level: 36

Grade: Special

Health: 278/44250

*Kloud Stryph/Weapon Trainer*

Level: 30

Grade: Rare

Class: ???

Health: 356/45750

The bear was level 36! How was this a starting zone creature!?

Astaroth gasped for air as he realized what he had walked into. He wanted to flee as quickly as possible but as soon as he stepped back; he snapped a branch under his boot.


The bear and the man both turned their heads to the newcomer. The bear roared and faced Astaroth.

His level being so low was an instant aggro pull on the bear. The man looked at Astaroth and yelled.

”RUN!!! ”

Astaroth quickly spun around and became one with the wind, running with all his might. He felt the ground rumble as the bear quickly gave him chase.

He looked back after crossing the thicket and saw the bear was already close on his heels.

There is no outrunning it at my level He thought.

He changed directions, trying to bring the monster back to the glade by circling around. As he ran, he zigzagged across trees, hoping to slow down the bear.

To his great relief, it did work, albeit barely, in slowing the creature down. They were now running at about the same speed.

Astaroth tried setting the bears fur on fire while he was running, to damage it. The fire caught, and it started spreading all over the fur.


*You have created the spell Ignite*

Astaroth was happy. With that, he might kill the bear and get a lot of Exp. He glanced at the bears info bar and his joy was short-lived.

*Giant Black Bear/Burning(28s)*

Level: 36

Grade: Special

Health: 276/44250

(Burning) The creature is on fire and will lose HP/sec depending on the casters magic power and the creatures resistance. (Caster magic power 5) The creature will lose 1 HP/sec.

”What the **!! ” Yelled Astaroth.

”That won even tickle him! ” He added angrily.

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