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Xiao Huoli sighed softly as she looked at her master, who looked so concerned about the young man. Its been six months, but the young man still hasn regained consciousness, and during these six months, her master still hasn explained anything about the young man.

”Can you explain it to me, Master? Why did you decide to make this mortal as your sole successor? ” Xiao Huoli seriously asked; since her masters decision would also affect her, she wanted to get a definite answer from him.

The old man looked at Xiao Huoli with a mysterious smile, and he then confidently spoke. ”I know you are confused by my decision, Huoli. But I, Song Tianyi, have already decided to take him as my sole successor. Although he is only mortal at the moment, if you help and train him, he will be able to become a great cultivator in the future. ”

Xiao Huoli raised an eyebrow, she didn understand why her Master was so sure that the young man could become a great cultivator in the future. ”Come on, Master, don make me feel curious all the time! Quickly, tell me the truth about this young man. ”

”This young man has the Divine Profound Veins; but unfortunately, he was born in the Cultivator Forbidden Land, and since there is no Qi in his world, he cannot activate his veins. ” Song Tianyi explained with a smile.

Xiao Huoli was dumbfounded at that, then she asked in surprise. ”You mean that Cultivator Forbidden Land, Master? ”

”Yes. Judging by his clothes, Im pretty sure he came from that place. ” Song Tianyi nodded in agreement. ”Besides he has the Divine Profound Veins, he also has the Chaos Body, he- ”

”What exactly is the Chaos Body? ” Ive never heard of it before, Master. ” Xiao Huoli hastily interrupted him, as she knew many special physiques but had never heard of the Chaos Body before.

Song Tianyi smiled at her. ”If the Divine Profound Veins allow cultivators to cultivate ten times faster than normal cultivators, then the Chaos Body will make ones cultivation ten times slower than other cultivators. ”

”Isn that too ridiculous, Master? Doesn that mean the Chaos Body is a curse for a cultivator? ” Xiao Huoli asked in confusion because the effects of the two were completely opposite each other. The Divine Profound Veins and the Chaos Body are really like two opposite poles, one speeding up and one slowing down ones cultivation.

”En, that is indeed true. ” Song Tianyi nodded, then explained it to her. ”But you are also wrong, Xiao Huoli. For other cultivators, if they don have the Divine Profound Veins, the Chaos Body is indeed a curse. But this young man is different, because he also has the Divine Profound Veins, and the Chaos Body is a boon to him. With the Chaos Body, he can master all kinds of elements, and his body is also very suitable for receiving various types of bloodlines. But the Chaos Body also has a drawback, because to train it, it requires a lot of Yin Qi. ”

”So you mean he should be a dual cultivator, Master? ” Xiao Huoli asked with a nod of understanding because only a dual cultivator who cultivates depends on Yin Qi.

”Dual cultivation is indeed the best path for him, if he is not a dual cultivator, then his cultivation speed will be no different from a normal cultivator, so his Divine Profound Veins and Chaos Body will be wasted. ” Song Tianyi nodded in reply, then looked back at the still-unconscious young man. ”But if he becomes a dual cultivator, then his cultivation speed will be terrifying, and his cultivation speed will far exceed that of the owner of the Divine Profound Veins. ”

”Hmm? Isn that woman the only cultivator with Divine Profound Veins? Xiao Huoli spoke in surprise because she knew only that woman had it before; currently, no one knows her fate.

”En, but now shes not the only one, because this young man also has Divine Profound Veins. ” Song Tianyi said with a chuckle. ”If he were to become a dual cultivator, then he would be even stronger than her. ”

Xiao Huoli nodded in understanding, and she also looked at the young man who was still unconscious with a complicated look, because she already knew what would happen next if Song Tianyi did decide to make him as his sole heir.

”Would you like to hear my final request, Xiao Huoli? ” Song Tianyi asked as he lifted Xiao Huoli into his lap and gently stroked her head. Xiao Huoli only nodded weakly. ”I will use the last power of my soul to pass all my inheritance to him, and also fuse your soul with him, that way you can guide him in the future. Are you willing? ”

”But… But Master, if you do that, your soul will vanish forever, and you won be able to reincarnate again. ” Xiao Huoli said sadly, because it meant that she would not be able to meet Song Tianyi again, or rather, meet his reincarnation.

”What are you saying, Xiao Huoli? We are both aware that I no longer have the chance to be reincarnated, because the wounds on my soul during that war were severe, and sooner or later my soul will vanish forever. ” Song Tianyin tightly hugged Xiao Huoli who looked so saddened, as he sighed softly, then he continued. ”This is my last chance to get a successor, and this young man is truly suitable to be my sole successor. I know that it is very difficult for you to part with me, but you must remember that my daughter is still in that mans clutches, so I need a successor to save her. Besides, we also still have to unite your other sisters. So are you willing to fulfill this old mans last wish, Xiao Huoli? ”

”Yes, Master! ” With a heavy heart, Xiao Huoli finally agreed to her Masters request.

Song Tianyi smiled at her answer. ”Now put your hand on his chest, and I will give all my inheritance to him, and so your soul will also fuse with him. ”

Xiao Huoli could only comply with her Masters request, then she placed her hand on the young mans chest. Song Tianyi himself immediately exerted all his soul power, and the three of them began to be enveloped in a white aura. An hour later, the white aura began to dim, and soon, the white aura disappeared. But Xiao Huolis figure was nowhere to be seen, and Song Tianyis soul began to fade.

”Master! ” Xiao Huoli suddenly emerged from within the young mans body and embraced Song Tianyis soul.

”I leave the final process of my inheritance for him to you, Xiao Houli. And don forget to give this storage ring to him, for this is also my identity. ” Song Tianyi rubbed Xiao Huolis forehead for a moment, then he handed her the storage ring and hugged her tightly. ”Its time for us to part, Xiao Huoli. Its been a thousand years, and I can finally leave this world relieved. ”

After that, Song Tianyis soul disappeared forever, and he could never be reincarnated again. Xiao Huoli slumped to the ground, and she cried as hard as she could.

After crying for a long time, Xiao Huoli immediately got up from the ground and placed her masters storage ring on the young mans ring finger. Then she slashed the young mans finger slightly, and dripped his blood onto the storage ring, as she muttered. ”I hope you will not disappoint my masters expectations of you, or I will never forgive you. ”

– To Be Continued –

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